Speaking during the program presented by Pippo Franco “Ieri, Moggi e domani” co-production of Gold Tv, Telecolor, Rete 7, the former general manager of Juventus promotes the new course of Juve, especially now that the former champion became the coach, Antonio Conte.
Here are the words of Luciano Moggi during the interview:
“In her new stadium, Juventus won 4-1 against Parma in a game in which never has been put in trouble by emiliani already proving to have a midfield definitely better than last season mainly because of the graft, Pirlo.
If I try to predict a final position of the charts for the Bianconeri now I think should fight with Lazio for fourth place, thereby improving the position from last year. 
We can already see the hand of Conte, the right man to restart. If the Juventus team will follow him and if Conte will be able to deliver his DNA to the players from Juventus, then the end of season might get something more. To underline the beautiful setting of the public that has been able to offer in the new stadium .. “.