Luciano Moggi said his thoughts on the Champions League final in the program “Special Football”, Sportitalia:

“I’m going to Berlin because Juventus is for me something important, I spent there 12 years. Is now doing a Champions League final, although not favored. But I have a typical example: against Borussia Dortmund in Munchen we played against a team that had seven players of Juventus reserves, beginning with Paulo Sousa, and we lost that game. Because ours had won the championship and was dropped in their head, the desire to win it, even if unconsciously . We lost a game despite for everyone we were favorites.

I do not think that is the case of Barcelona, which moreover is in form at the moment and has important players. I gave advice to some Juventus player: make sure, maybe even sending the ball out of the stadium, to ensnare your opponents. If they do not score in the first 30 minutes, will probably have more difficulty than Juventus. Juventus will do quietly its game, strongly competitive there is no doubt, but the lack of Chiellini unfortunately is serious because it takes a player to the team that gave the stimulus to all, because he is a warrior, because he incites all, because he has experience. Missing an important player, but Juventus will play its game. “