After entrenched behind no comment, Luciano Moggi has returned to the attack this morning talking to Sky Sport 24. “Last night I did not want to speak – said the former Juventus general manager – I did not know the elements, then I saw a little ‘things and I go on appeal, hoping for a justice that is not already written, a true justice , otherwise I will ask divine justice. ” 

Juventus, meanwhile, with an official note declared itself satisfied with the sentence: “Neither do I understand the statement of Juve, seems I have played alone and I was not so, but that’s life and I try to read and understand all as it is, I will do, understanding that I will defend myself. ” 

 After the initial discouragement, there is so much bitterness, but Moggi does not want to stop fighting :“Humanly speaking, I feel good, in the sense that I have fought for me and for all those that have been destroyed by this process with confidence after I have been asked the first time because there was nothing substantial. I will continue to fight. ” 

After the fast sentence of sports justice, from the ordinary justice was expected something more: “I’m disappointed by all, the sports ruling did not take account of what happened have made process of 20 phone calls from 170 000. This process has revealed some other things. I’m disappointed because I expected from the ordinary justice is equal for all but a decision was already written. It is the first round, the second will be an appeal, we will see what will happen. I will do everything to make the call to have a different outcome, and I am confident that it can. ” 

Finally, Moggi back on the official notice of Juventus, who Moggi has defended all the time in the process: “It is true that Juventus is the only one who has lost two league titles and should have them back because they had won on the field, I did not understand the Juventus strangeness on these facts, I was the general director of Juventus, Moggi did not play against Udinese, but Juventus against Udinese. I do not understand what it means strangeness of the facts. “