“At the moment I do not think there are possibilities for a renewal of Del Piero with Juventus and I think this is a wrong move by the club. Del Piero is and will always be important. ” 

 Back to talk about Juventus, but above all about Alessandro Del Piero, the former general manager of Juventus, Luciano Moggi. Speaking yesterday at the microphones ‘Radio Manà Manà Sport 24’, once again reiterated his opposition to the parting of the Juventus captain from bianconeri at the end of the season:


“The class of the player is not in question a solution expected for him would have been a use similar to that played by Altafini who, even if did not play as a starter, he could always be determinant- Moggi said – I do not see well, however, the use of Del Piero for last 5 minutes of games, does not deserve this, is a champion for Juve. If I had to do a comprehensive analysis, taking into consideration the words of Agnelli and the interview of the same Del Piero to ‘El Pais’, I would say that the relationship between him and Juventus will conclude this year. ” 

 The doors of Juventus for Del Piero, in fact, will always be open, as was asserted by Juventus President, but only after hanging up his boots to the nail, which will not happen in the next three years. Alex will be most likely to ‘be American’ before returning to Turin, where he will find a desk all to himself. 

source: juvemania.it
adapted by: Mike Prise