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   Every football fan in the world knows the importance of Del Piero for Juve. For the club he is like Zeus to Greek mythology and just thinking about him in another jersey gives us(the true Juve fans) the chills.

   President Agnelli and Alex himself made it clear that 2011/12 was Pinturicchio’s last season in the black and white jersey. So let’s see Del Piero’s statistics after 19 seasons of joy and success and compare it  to two of the legends of the game in the last 2 decades.

Del Piero for Juve                     Totti for Roma                  Raul for Real M
       Games: 705                                                      Games: 474                                                    Games: 741
       Goals: 289                                                       Goals: 207                                                      Goals: 323
       Assists: 42                                                        Assists: 57                                                       Assists: 23        

     There’s no doubt that Francesco Totti and Raul are two iconic faces in AS Roma’s and Real Madrid’s history. Their reputation is similar to Del Piero’s and that’s why I picked them. But as similar as they are from a fan’s point of view they are very different from the tactical aspect of the game.
    We see that Raul has played more games and scored more goals than Totti and Del Piero. That’s because for almost all of his career Raul was used like a classical Poacher.. We need to mention also that Real Madrid has always tried to play attacking football and has always given crazy money for players. Raul had the chance to play with players like Ronaldo, Zidane and Beckham at the same time. Also he never really had serious problem with injuries and was always the coach’s favourite.Without underestimating his unique goal scoring qualities, it’s obvious that it’s easier to score goals in that environment.
   Totti has the least games and goals, but the most assists. The difference in the number of the games is mostly because of injury problems. He has always been the big star at Roma and often had to play alongside players who were far from his quality. During the years he developed a lot. He was used like a Poacher, Trequartista and pretty much everywhere up front. The number of his assists is sensational and that’s because of his great vision and intelligent play with both legs. Probably Totti and Raul would’ve been the perfect striking partnership.
Finally, Del Piero. Alex’s game(pretty much like Totti’s) has changed a lot during the years. He possesses technical abilities which allow him to create chances and score goals easily. That’s why he was used like a Winger, Playmaker, Trequartista, Center Forward, Deep Lying Forward and pretty much everywhere in Juve’s attack. Trezeguet’s sensational number for Juve are mostly because of Del Piero’s influence. David was cracking player, but pretty much like Raul he needs more creative players around him to score goals . Del Piero might’ve scored much more goals if he didn’t sacrifice himself for the team that much. Most of the time his work rate is sensational and he was often suffering from coaching decisions.
So lets see what we lose and what we get from his departure:


         Del Piero’s absence will give the chance to younger players to play regularly in the first team. The possible arrival of Giovinco might be a huge boost to the squad, if the Atomic Ant reaches his potential.
         For the first time ever Super Gigi will be the 1stchoice captain. We all know he deserves it.
         After the Big leader is gone there will be opportunity for the likes of Marchisio, Vidal and Chiellini to develop their already proven leadership qualities


         Del Piero’s annual salary this season was just 1 million euro. We all know that his replacement (doesn’t matter who it’ll be) will cost around 25-30 million euros and will be earning around 6-7 millions per year
         We are losing one of the best free kick and penalty takers of all time
         It’s very rare to find a player with Del Piero’s mental qualities
         Del Piero’ve seen everything in this game and we will be without our most experienced player
         Without Alex we might have some problems if we play Real Madrid in CL next season. J
         And most of all we lose OUR CAPTAIN.

by: Vilizar

POLL: So what’s your opinion? Is Alex’s departure about to benefit the team or not?