interview taken on 5.March.2012 by: Mike Prise
In the following lines you will read a very interesting interview of the Founder and Owner of the Most Appreciated Juventus Blog in Italy, uccellinodidelpiero.comAntonio Corsa. ENJOY!

First of all thank you for being always available. You have to understand that you were one of those who contributed to my Writting skills and that MYJUVENTUS.NET exists also because you were so kind and involve me in your work which gave me the Strength and the Will to improve myself. 

How the idea for came
“Basically the idea was born to fill a “gap” in terms of information that in Italy it has become evident with the case of Calciopoli, but unfortunately that is not just about that. They talk very little about played football and a lot of slow-motion replays, referee, conspiracy .. we are like that. In this sense, Uccellino is a happy island, something different where we try to discuss putting the ball in the center, and – disregarding the game – putting the facts in front of the opinions.” 

Since when you’re a Juventus fan? 
 “Always have been. My dad was, my grandfather was … and so on.” 

You are always up to date with all the news about Juventus, always write great articles. How do you do it? 
“You need the courage to confront, to dialogue with your readers, to confront, to get involved. And then a little luck.” 

You were one of the ones that wellcomed with great confidence Antonio’s arrival to Juve. Why were you so confident? 
“Conte is a very prepared coach with an idea of modern football. In addition, he reported the “juventinità” at the center of the sports project of Juventus. He was what was needed to revive a depressed environment.” 

What do you think about Giovinco? Is he good enough to bring Juventus a jump of quality, or does Marotta need to sign some really “big” names? 
“At Juventus, next year, is absolutely needed a champion in the attack. And Giovinco, I do not want, he is not. It might be handy, because him is estimated by Conte, but not a player who moves the balance and makes you make the final leap in quality that you need to do.” 

If you could buy a player without a price limit in Summer, in what position would you do it? 
 “As I said, serves the great striker. Would bet everything there.” 

How do you think this Juventus will do in the future UCL ? 
“First of all let’s qualify. I say this not for superstition, but out of respect for the standings and the difficulty of Serie A. That said, will depend very much on the summer market. This Juventus has an excellent attitude, a great coach but is still far from top European clubs in terms of overall quality of the team.” 

How do you think this fight with Milan will end? We indeed are in front of the hardest moment of the entire season, do you think that we have the strength to get out well from this Month? 
“I do not know, we’ll see. Surely we are at the decisive moment of the season. The moment is not positive, we come from 4 draws in our last 5 games and aside match with Catania, we are failing to find the way to goal with ease, despite the opportunities created. We need move up a gear. But it also serves to remember that so far was done a miracle.” 

Why do you think Juventus has so many difficulties with Small Teams and almost always is not able to preserve a result?
“The defensive system of the Italian teams is the best in the world. When a team decides to defend herself (in 10), can be difficult for anyone to score. In addition, we lack a player able to solve the games with a played like a champion.” 

The question that I am going to put is avoided by all the Italian Mass-Media. What were the Reasons that Mister shouted back to Galliani, “Voi voi chi siete la Mafia?”, at halftime of Milan – JUVE? 
“First of all we do not even know if it was ever pronounced that sentence. It ‘an indiscretion of a journalist. I say this because what has been referred and has warned was Galliani, not Conte. However, even if he had said, for example, could refer to the fact that Silvio Berlusconi, Milan’s largest shareholder, also owns several newspapers and 3 televisions. And the media power in Italy, can greatly influence public opinion and, therefore, who also has to do with public opinion. An example can be discerned in the decisions of the judge Tosel on Muntari, graced by the TV proof. Or you can find in the media aggression suffered by Juventus after Milan-Juventus . Even in 2006, during Calciopoli, is a known fact as Milan threatened to of undermining commercial agreement for the broadcasting of games on the digital terrestrial television (Mediaset), and many say that it was for this that the sentences against her were retouched the fall of up to allow the Rossoneri to participate (and win) the Champions League, raging UEFA.” 

Also going forward with Farsopoli, do you believe the words of Don Luciano (who I know you appreciate a lot) when he says that Farsopoli, strange or not, exploded after he accepted the proposal of Berlusconi to take over Galliani’s place at Milan in 2005? 
“I do not know. I respect the manager Moggi, but a person under stress and accused in a criminal court often allows himself unprovable statements. This is definitely one of the versions given by Moggi. Not the only one. It is not my “favorite”.” 

Do you really think we will get back our 2 stolen Scudetti? 
“The battle is still long, but the Court of First Instance of the process of Moggi, excluding direct and indirect responsibility for Juventus, has given us a big hand. We must believe.” 

Grazie mille Antonio and keep up the Great work. You have in myself a Big Fan. 

Fino alla fine Forza Juventus!