Actually we are on the first place if the Championship would end today! but ….
It was not a brilliant Juventus, the one of Lecce. The work load performed at New Year in the sun of Dubai has slowed mainly the men in midfield leading to a general lack of sprinting. Playing of bass rhythms, almost like training, the team of Antonio Conte has become dangerous only through initiatives of Vucinic (who arrived after more than a month) always killer when from the left always converges to the shooting, while Matri, who came in for the unfortunate Quagliarella, has alternated errors to a couple of  dangerous shots.

Psychology Having won the first game of the year, traditionally complicated for BIG, beating without damaging the head tail of Lecce and equaling a record (positive initial set of seventeen games) that lasted for sixty years has sent the environment a renewed conviction . And even though Conte continues to fly low, it is immediately evident that the small achievement as  winter champions is not out of reach for Juventus. You will say: okay, but it has to be in May. Well, but the football lives of moral conviction, determination as well as muscle and technique. And knowing that in the preceding twenty-four occasions when Juve was the first in late January and then come sixteen times Winners, helps a lot.

Set ball Apropos of help. Looking at the two rounds that that separate us from the halfway point, we can say that Juve has before her moderately difficult obstaclesCagliari at home and Atalanta out of the house. AC Milan is expected at bullfight of the derby and then mini away match from Novara (where, however, M***A took three …). The calendar seems to put words on the racket of Conte, the classic set-ball . And the statistics say that in the one occasion (season 1972-73) in which Juventus and AC Milan ended the first round at par, the title then went to Juve

The man more  So far is fair to say that Claudio Marchisio was a man more of this team . For the goals and the momentum that has been able to ensure, the quality and continuity of his contribution, the spirit of sacrifice and altruism fielded. Now  is expected by the new signing Borriello and unlucky Quagliarella, the final push to increase the fertility of the attack, nine points adrift from the Rossoneri. If the fans continue to challenge Borriello, they will make a spectacular own goal.

source: gazzetta dello sport
adapted by: Mike Prise