This time I’m sorry but Minister La Russa is right, in his words: 

 “The president Agnelli seems really a liar: it seems clear that has an inter obsession, you see it in his eyes. Agnelli has spent all summer talking about inter and I think he missed an opportunity to celebrate the beautiful game that Juventus has made ​​and the new stadium. Instead, he lingers in these things: to whom made ​​the complaint, the Platini’s UEFA ? Is an old habit of friendships. ” 

 Andrea Agnelli is a liar, but also the Juventus fans are, and the one writing is as well. Fabri Fabri says (well he is a liar, for that matter has written a song with that title), 

 “we all have a face like a liar and this Calciopoli story is all a joke, even our girlfriends and wifes have understood that we are all liars and have understood because how we speak, how we comment ….”. 

 Now, since we are liars, will tell the truth (putting the words of Fabri Fibra in the drawer), this is the truth in 10 easy easy points: 

 1. Juventus in the Moggi period, in Europe has not won a Champions League. Did not play finals with Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and AC Milan. The truth is that inter has always reached the final and although Juventus did not reach the finals was helped. 

 2 – At Juventus, Zidane has never played, never to be bought by Moggi for 7 billion and sold for 150 and won the Golden Ball. Zidane played for inter the best team in the world, thanks to the great insights of his chairman. 

 3 – In the 1996-1997 season, Juventus (ibecause helped) did not win 6-1 away to AC Milan, Juventus was the formation of much more limited than that of inter 

 4 – It is not true that inter trying to emulate the Juventus took Lippi and former Juventus as Peruzzi, Paulo Sousa, Baggio, Vieri 

5 – inter in those years has never lost a derby with AC Milan 6-0, the formation of inter: inter (3-5-2) we have invented because we have imagination and we are also making up the report cards. All these players were very strong and have also becomed world champions. Frey 5.5, 4 Ferrari, Blanc 4.5, Simic 4.5, 5 Zanetti, Farinos 4.5 (35 ‘pt Cauet 5), Di Biagio 5 (1’ st Seedorf 5), Dalmat 6, Gresko 5, 6.5 Vieri, Recoba 4.5 (22 Ballotta , Macellari 3, 7 Pacheco, 11 Ferrante, Sukur 54). Coach: Tardelli 5.

 6 – A big lie, that we are now inventing is the story that the investigating magistrate of the Court of Udine, Giuseppe Lombardi, has accepted the request for settlement of inter attacker Uruguayan Alvaro Recoba, and Gabriele Oriali, responsible for ‘technical area of the nerazzurri, inflicting the penalty of six months imprisonment each (replaced by a fine of 21,420 euros) for the crimes of complicity in false and stolen goods. We are also inventing that inter should have received a penalty point for each game with Recoba in the field, because we are all liars.

 7 – In 2006, Italy was not world champion. No player from Juventus has played in the final with France. 

 8 – Guido Rossi, President of the Federation in the period of Calciopoli has never been on the board of directors of inter and is no facebook friend of any inter leader . On twitter we abstain, I do not know how to use … 

 9 – The evidences of Farsopoli were very evident, was found a “smoking gun” evidence and confessions of the Dome arbitrators were all sentenced and no longer have arbitrated after 2006 (including Rocchi, Dondarini etc…) . Facchetti has never called anyone just like Narducci was saying “like it or not” . 

 10 – At Process of Calciopoli all witnesses have confessed , Nucini proved to be a serious and reliable witness, said he had never met anyone, much less talked about inter meetings for jobs. Moreover, the average points of Juventus with the referees of the alleged Cupola is twice that of the adverse referees. 

Obviously we are liars and we behave as such …. all liars like Andrea Agnelli, the rest to be honest in this country you have a bad end. 

 by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise