(…) Agnelli’s Verve . Almost simultaneously in Turin many things have changed with the advent of Andrea Agnelli in May 2010. The ambitions of the young president medicate the wounds of the black and white world , left battered by Farsopoli. He starts with Beppe Marotta alongside a radical renovation work. The imperative is to return as quickly as possible to the glories of the good times. The first season with Delneri does not give the expected results, but the investments are huge. And all in perspective. Thus Juve buys Quagliarella (16), Matri (16), Pepe (10.5), but also Bonucci (15) and Barzagli (0.3): watch case, all more than satisfactory under the management of Antonio Conte. Just a recruitment drive the summer 2010, concerted with Lecce coach leads to a further leap in quality. 

Jolly Pirlo. The arrivals of Vucinic (13), Vidal (10.5), Lichsteiner (10.5) Estigarribia (loan) and Giaccherini (3) do the rest. A separate discussion deserve Krasic (15) and Elia (10), sadly so far remained in the pits. But it is inevitable that not all the pieces fit together into a mosaic that complicated. To act as retribution, however, is the only zero parameter of Juventus: that of Andrea Pirlo came precisely from Rossoneri. And with the now familiar controversy. In Via Turati swear that they have not repented and consider the farewell than a necessary evil in the new course. And objective, however, that the recruitment of Brescian gave Juve a value added, at this point, decisive in the scudetto-fight. 

The differences. The Juventus strategy is more traditional and has strict ranges of parameters. Moreover, the Agnelli family has endured important sacrifices: especially the last capital increase, made necessary after the missed qualifying in the cups. In between is the investment for the Juventus Stadium already is a bearing fruit. Nevertheless the last market in January Conte had three more petals as a gift: Caceres (1.5 million loan), Padoin (7) and Borriello (loan). Instead Milan, other then Muntari, has brought home Merkel and Strasser, now injured. They, too, sooner or later will be useful to Max Allegri pending recoveries of Flamini and Gattuso, but thus is another story that is independent from the market. 

Perspectives. The fact is that both AC Milan and Juventus have made ​​a lot of unleaded gasoline in their engines. This ensures both a deep breath and faced the prospect of being for the most important goals. The problem, in short, is for the rivals. 

source: GdS; Fragment from article by:Carlo Laudisa 
adapted by: Mike Prise