If Il Principino and King Arturo will be at 50% of what they were in the first half of the season..well… then…Scudetto here we COME!
VINOVO (Torino), February 22, 2012 – All in field, all racing. No injury, no one to be distracted. After the rest of Sunday and Monday, the week of Juventus began with a long day Vinovo: Tactical Training in the morning and afternoon. After lunch on the sidelines were also Andrea Agnelli, Beppe Marotta, Pavel Nedved and Fabio Paratici. And the players have appeared at the same time focused and serene: the best way to approach the San Siro. 

Pressure and density. Particularly interesting is the afternoon’s work of defenders and midfielders. The impression is that Antonio Conte is determined to revive the 3-5-2 and that the concerns relate to the role of the left full-back (Pepe favorite over Estigarribia) and the one next to Vucinic (Matri in lead over Quagliarella and Borriello). In the tutorial yesterday, the Juventus coach has tried to do a review of already-known concepts and especially against Milan will be very valuable: the coach asks his players to disrupt the ball passing since the Rossoneri three quarters and to do density in the middle of the field. Obviously the purpose of Conte: smudge the lines of vertical passage and force the attackers of Allegri to receive the ball with back to goal as possible. 

Two phases. But since Juventus is going to the San Siro with the idea of ​​doing the game and certainly not to endure it, become even more important than usual the condition and the interpretation of the match of Claudio Marchisio and Arturo Vidal. The Prince was crucial not only for the two goals in the final minutes of the first game but also for the continuous thrust, while the Warrior went into steady pressure on the Rossoneri ball carriers: a task done so well that Milan was often forced to rely on long passes at random to start the action. Juve played that night with the 4-1-4-1 and Marchisio and Vidal divided the field areas: Claudio often ran vertically, horizontally Arturo, Pirlo directed and Milan never saw the ball. Now the Juventus two mezzali are not in the same bright conditions, but in Vinovo feel very optimistic because both are growing. On a team that struggles to score with the strikers, midfielders entries become fundamental.

Replay. It is plausible that at San Siro will recreate the tasks of the first game in the League: Marchisio should take advantage of numerical superiority in midfield with some freedom to break away and finish in shot (against Catania on Saturday only a desperate deviation of a opponent prevented him to score), while Vidal will ensure the pressure in the middle of the Rossoneri also following entries of Muntari and Emanuelson. Never before this time the match is decided in midfield. The Prince and the Warrior are ready. 

source: GdS by: G.B. Olivero adapted by: Mike Prise