It ‘s a Milan at double speed compared to Juventus that seen  at San Siro stage in the Berlusconi trophy. Final result 2-1 thanks to goals developed Boateng (great voley), Seedorf (perfect free-kick) and Vucinic.

In the first half the men of Conte never see the ball, only a Marchisio post from outside the area at 2-0. It must be said that the two goals are the result of individual inventions, but it’s the game plan that the difference was obvious. Greater the ability to rally of Rossoneri, who also sided with an unprecedented attack that saw Cassano first striker, supported by Boateng.

Despite the lack of numerous starters, the Milanese were preferred in terms of rhythm and ball possession while Juventus appeared unable to deliver promptly and exchanges such as those admired in the Tim Trophy.

The only real action of note, an exchange on the right Vucinic – Lichsteiner – Vucinic – Marchisio produced a sensational post from the left of the midfielder, deployed inside with Vidal lost on the left wing.

In the second half, thanks to the input in the field of captain Del Piero, Juventus tried to get back into the game, and has close to even the game: after 2-1 Vucinic, perfectly primed by Pinturicchio, are the same Krasic and Del Piero in wasting two good opportunities to catch the draw.

In the end a post also for the Rossoneri with the young Boateng, but the result does not change. More will and character of the second forty-five minutes: great the impact of the captain on the match, who took over because of a Matri bothersome left ankle at the end of the first half.

More intense and systematic the pressing of Conte‘s eleven, but it should be noted that only a great Buffon (as has Abbiati previously, by the way) prevents in the end, the third goal for Milan.

Adesso stop agli esperimenti, sabato sarà già Serie A, sciopero permettendo.

Antonio Conte rather severe in his post-game analysis: According to the Salentino technician, the first time is to be held as a reminder of what not to do on the field. “We did not play” was the opinion of the coach on the first half. Excellent the reaction in the second half, as rightly pointed out by the same Conte.

Now stop the experiments, Saturday is Serie A is starting.

by:Fabio Mauro Giambò
adapted by: Mike Prise