Michel Platini or for many simply "Le Roi"
Michel Platini or for many simply “Le Roi”

In an interview with “Mundo Deportivo” Michel Platini has admitted he has just one favorite in this year UCL Final and that his former club, JUVENTUS.

I will cheer for the referee, as president of UEFA I must be neutral. obviously I am a juventino, but I have to contain myself, of course. Barcelona I really like, since the time in which the Catalans were coached by Cruyff. Xavi and Iniesta? I would pay to play with them. In Berlin they face eachother two big teams, I hope it is a beautiful final, exciting as that of Europa League between Sevilla and Dnipro: in Warsaw there was a lot of fun and we saw some good football. Messi is always able to surprise with a play or a shot that no one else is capable of doing, but it’s also very useful for the team. It is a very, very intelligent player.

The challenge between the two departments of midfield will be spectacular and could prove decisive for the outcome of the final. Pirlo has great quality and experience, gives a great contribution with his assists and set piece. Pogba? It is still very young, but has already shown what he is capable. If he will be better physically, after the injury that kept him out of action for a while he will show all the talent that has in and to show everyone what he is capable.