Despite the press release issued yesterday on the site of Pescara, Juventus did not budge. Simply put, the situation is as follows: biancazzurro Club and Napoli have reached an agreement, but the player only wants to hear from Juventus.

Yesterday morning, the President Sebastiani convened Verratti  and his agent, Donato Di Campli, in his office. Things have not gone very well, because Verratti has certainly indicated that he had no intention to join Napoli, despite the agreement of 4.5 million found between the two clubs. His absolute dream, as tifoso Juventino, is to join Juventus and he is ready to continue his adventure in Pescara as no agreement is found between the two clubs.

With the will of the player, Juventus is confident and has no doubt that an agreement will be reached. No matter whether in the days, weeks or months ahead, Verratti should in all cases remain at-least one season in Abruzzo. President Seastiani evaluates the player to 10-12 million euros, Juve currently offers 1.5 million, plus loans of a few young players for half of Verratti. Negotiations continue, calmly side Torino.


Adapted by: Shaman SuperVagabond