Intervened on Radio Sportiva, the agent of Omar El Kaddouri, Daniel Striani, talked about the future of his client: “He is not a player of Parma, the situation may seem complicated, in reality it is very simple. Agreements made between Brescia and Parma concern only them, this is not to say that the player must accept them. We respect everybody, but we have the right to consider the appeal of Juventus as an opportunity not to lose. Without offending anyone. I can not exclude that in the end he will go to Parma, I exclude nothing. If Brescia wanted to extend his contract, they could do it last year. Only the coach Scienza believed in him while in the club no one was betting on him. Now Corioni is comparing him to Zidane, but ask him if he thought the same thing a year ago.”
Adapted by: Shaman SuperVagabond