MILAN, Aug. 9, 2012 – He had said, Felipe Melo, who was eager to play  Sunday the Super Cup of Turkey against Fenerbahçe of Krasic. He had said, and he will do it: yesterday final training session in Turin, today the flight to Istanbul and the signature for his return to Galatasaray. Not yet on permanent basis, though, as the Turks and Juventus have agreed for a onerous loan about 2 million with the right of redemption set at 7. A formula that for the time fattens by little the treasure, but makes a deal that was put for long. 
The player had put his in this, reducing his wage (smear the remaining two years of the contract of three), but Galatasaray had only partially approached 7 million that Juventus have agreed to close (the redemption originally was for 13). Then the new formula, to which the Bianconeri have said yes. Now remain to place Pazienza, Ziegler, Martinez and Iaquinta. 

 Source: GdS (article by Giulio Di Feo)

 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS