NAPLES – “When I arrived in Naples I set myself a goal: to give a soul to the team. I think I have succeeded.” Speaking at the launch of the book “Naples 8 and 1 / 2” of Enrico Variale, Walter Mazzarri spent words of praise for his players: “Are guys who never give up just give like me. Together we feel embody the spirit of our people. “ 
This team of Naples resembles with that of VINICIO – The Tuscan coach has also ventured into the comparison with the past: “This Naples, in my opinion resembles that of Vinicio.” Besides, when asked who would have get in, except Maradona, one of the many champions who have played in blue Mazzarri had no doubts: “My vote goes to the technical characteristics to Antonio Careca”. 
Historic rivalry with JUVE – Finally an inevitable about about the title fight, at the time, sees just Naples among the favorites, along with Juventus. “It’s still early,” he said. “In recent years the title fight was confined to prescriti and Milan. Now things are changing, surely we are and Juve and this only makes the league more interesting. What is certain is that the duel with Juventus adds a pinch of salt as the rivalry between us and Juventus is historically rooted in a kind of social desire for revenge because the Turin club has always been the North and the power, ” he concluded.