Interview published on May 30, 2011 on MYJUVENTUS.NET
First words from the new Juventus player Andrea Pirlo. Yesterday, the midfielder from Brescia has signed with the Old Lady until 2014 and was officially presented today at the Media Center in Vinovo. Beside him, there was the Juventus general manager Beppe Marotta. Here’s the full press conference, by the editorial staff of

MAROTTA: “Thank you for joining our call. The reason is the presentation of our new transfer. Maybe, perhaps transfer is a misnomer, since it is a a free transfer. I will not dwell too much to list his football qualities and his human qualities, because in recent years, in Italian football, Andrea Pirlo, wrote very important pages and his honors and his seriousness explain it very explicitly. So I take this opportunity to welcome him and give him a big good luck for this new adventure. At this point, I give the word to Andrea, then each of you will have the opportunity to ask questions. “

Andrea, why did you choose Juve, in a time when maybe you will not do the European cups and there have been so many difficulties. You are the first player, widely considered among the top three in the world in your role, which for some years now decided to come play in Juve. So a strong enough choice. We want to understand why …
Pirlo: “First of all hello to everyone. I chose Juventus because Juventus is the team, along with inter and milan, most important in Italy, and also in Europe and worldwide. It’s a team that wants to win again. There number of years that doesn’t win, so this choice of coming here was also dictated by this. I am one who wants to win and I think this team is the one with more desire and motivation, which wants to return to the levels of previous years, with wins in Italy and Europe. So I chose Juve for that. ”

Two things: What was Juve for you until yesterday and what is today. Then if there was a time, one reason that made you decide to come to Torino. Because coming out from Milan, I think you said that you hadn’t spoken since the decision had already been taken …
Pirlo: “Juve was the team to beat, an opponent always fighting for the Scudetto with ac milan and inter, so it was an important match. It was the desire to beat them because it has always been one of the best teams. I went home to greet the choice I had already taken: I needed another fight after 10 years. I wanted to change, I wanted new stimulus and Juve gave me this opportunity, given also the many years of not winning. The stimulus to be able to return to the top is great. “

Have you already talked with some new colleagues? What shirt number will you have?
“I’ve text with some colleagues, they gave me the good luck and they are happy with my arrival. The number of my shirt I have not decided yet, also because there are other players who already have the numbers. So I will wait the beginning of the season. ”

The fact that you’re back from a season in which you played little because of injuries, has created some grumbling fans. What do you feel to say and ensure the fans? In addition to the stimuli, what do you feel for Juve?
Pirlo: “It’s the first year that I don’t play many games, because in ten years I have made 400 appearances for Milan, then there are 40 games every year, apart from the national team. It was an average of 50 games in the last ten years. This year was a sabbatical year and then can also be something to lengthen my career because I rested and I can play at high levels for another 4-5 years. ”

Some say that this team has lost a little bit the winning mentality. Now there are so many who have written the most beautiful page of Italian sport five years ago. Perhaps, from this point of view, the wining mentality you can all give: you, Buffon, Toni, Del Piero …
Pirlo: “Yes, it is important to have the winning mentality in a team, there must be the beginning. There are so many players, but this year many had their first experience in a great team and maybe could not demonstrate any of their value. To play in a great team you have to hear yourself, you have to have the right mindset, the desire to impose yourself, because otherwise tifossi and the other teams will eat you. So the important thing is to have within you the desire to do well and show that importance to wear a shirt and take it to win. ”

I wanted to ask if you’ve already talked to Antonio Conte about your position i his tactics. You should be one of the two central midfielders, but it is said that with a player of your quality there is a need of a player that gives a lot quantity to your side …
Pirlo: “No, with the coach I haven’t spoken, partly because the club hasn’t yet officiallize anybody. As regards of the tactics, I played in any tactic module, with any player, so it’s not a problem, and I am and will be at the disposal of the coach. ”

Are you excited even if you have ten plus years of career and you’ve won everything?
Pirlo: “Yes, it’s always exciting to change teams. Then get into a prestigious club like Juventus is not a every day thing, so a little emotion there is.”

Did the statements from milan area give you a little annoyance saying that your farewell was a technical choice to them?
Pirlo: “No, never gave me any trouble, partly because it was a decision by mutual agreement, each has made his choices: I made mine, they made theirs, so we parted amicably and there was no problem. ”

Have you chose the number for the next season? You had the number 21 at milan here at Juventus there is a special matter …
Pirlo: “No, I already said before. The number I haven’t asked yet, aslo because we don’t know what numbers will be available. When the next season start we will decide.”

This year you saw the jump that made milan from year to year and adding Robinho, Ibrahimovic. Here you come along. But what do you think is missing for Juve to go back to past levels? With two Champions at the level of Robinho and Ibrahimovic can Juventus also make a big jump just like what milan did last year?
Pirlo: “Certainly, if you want to win you need champions, strong players, accustomed to winning, Juve is a great club and certainly will do everything to buy good players.”

Juventus was the only proposal that you had and you’ve taken right away? Or did you have any other proposals from Italy and abroad?
Pirlo: “No, I had other offers from Italy and abroad, but what I took into account almost immediately Juventus because, as I said before, is a team that wants to emerge, still wants to win and therefore has the same ambitions like I have. So in the end I chose Juventus”

Among the many things you, talked with the CEO Marotta at the time to convince you to come to Juventus, which is the one that struck you and made you understand that this was the right project for you?
Pirlo: “There was no proposal. When you decide to come to Juve you know at what to come to , so there wasn’t anything to make me change my mind or convince me to come here. If one decides to come to Juve knows what he has to do, so there was nothing else to say. ”

This sentence is interesting: “Who comes to Juve knows what to expect.” In fact in recent years is not so in the sense that Juve for five years is no longer what it used to be. Your challenge, in my opinion, is double: to learn something new. Once ,who came to Juve knew what to expect, but now unfortunately, as evidenced by the performance in recent years, it is not. Are you aware of this?
“Yes, maybe in the last few years hasn’t been so, but it’s a fascinating challenge, to win. I came here for this and I’m sure at the end it will prove to be the right choice.”


adapted by: Mike Prise