It will be fun… but you’re not that beautifull (@Foto Liverani)
Alessandro Matri, interviewed by Sky Sport in black and white winter camp of Dubai, spoke of the imminent arrival of Marco Borriello to Juventus, a potential competitor in the team at the disposal of Antonio Conte. Here are the declarations of the Lombard bomber: 

Now as you know Borriello has arrived. You see him as an opponent? Are you worried? 
“No, he is not a adversary. No, no worries. He is a forward more, is a reinforcement for us, that just allows us to get to the end of this season well-equipped and will join a well composed group of attackers”. 

You are so many in front … 
“We’re like every other team, we are five, six, seven …”. 

But he is the one that actually has features similar to yours. So basically, if Conte would confirm the 4-3-3, or you play, or plays him … 
“These are choices that belong to the coach, for sure. As I said, we are available here, surely there is my desire to play, but as I think from all the others, so will stand at the coach who will take the field. ” 

adapted by: Mike Prise