Bendtner can be an opportunity or not? 
“Well .. he’s a player on the market, is an available player . He was and is the subject of our evaluation, however from here to say we’re going to define it…. 
It depends on whether the assessment was positive, neutral or negative … 
“Honestly, it does not seem fair to the boy and society take a more in-depth evaluation. We know he is available.” 
Maybe in numbers another striker could help…
 “There is also a imponderable component that is the fortune in the sense that if the injuries are not numerous and conditioning of what the activity is, evidently the rose is enough. Then it is clear that if there are injuries, trauma, this will be a aspect that we can not evaluate. We are careful to monitor the opportunities that present themselves. If they are important opportunities, we will try to define, otherwise we will go on like this. ” 
Llorente will still be a Juventus player, now or next year? Recall that the contract is expiring in 2013 … 
“No, will be our player, absolutely not. Also because there is a regulation that must be respected. Yet there is also a truth which is that of a player who is out of contract in 2013. Thus it is a situation that is attractive for the company, being a high level player. “
Therefore remains a goal for Juventus for the next year? 
“Could remain in the sense that we evaluate him an interesting player at the right time, when the regulations allow, we will make a survey and if we have everything we need, we’re going to call it or not. Now it is premature to assume anything. ” 
Llorente now? 
“For the last few days, I think is a utopian idea to have him with us. If his president rightly intends to rely on a clause that was defined with the player, which was defined on the basis of 36 million in the case of signing of a new contract, I think it is really unrealistic. “
Are you afraid to have compromised the possibility of dealing Jovetic with Fiorentina in the future? Or do you think you can clarify the situation?
“We do not have much to clarify, as I said before we have acted with the utmost honesty and transparency, in a context in which, as I said before, these are the dynamics. On a Player go different societies. We have not disturbed Fiorentina and as I learned from you seems to me that the plane had already been called in the morning, when we were not involved in this matter. Relationships are good, they are good between the two presidents, Andrea Agnelli and Andrea Della Valle, so I think this Berbatov situation  should not be any way to affect those which are good relations between the companies. Then what will be in the market, I can not say today, because even us do not really know it” 
What should we respond to all Juventus fans who ask us who buys Juve?
“That Juve has a competitive rose for those who are our programs. But the answer would be: who is to buy having the players we have? I think this is the more precise and careful analysis.” 


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