TURIN, September 11, 2014 – The marriage will be DONE: it remains to fix the date of the wedding, but Simone Zaza and Juventus are liking each other for a long time. Well before the striker had the week that made ​​him famous, including a goal from the film archive in the league against Cagliari and the first goal scored in the National team. The Bianconeri had purchased outright from Sampdoria in July 2013 for 3.5 million euro, then turning to Sassuolo in partnership to 2.5 million. In summer, however, Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici have sold entirely to the Emilian for 7.5 million, whilst reserving the right to repurchase him in June 2015 for 15 milion, or for 18 in 2016.

This act of love that, more than any other consideration, binds Zaza at Juventus. To which, however, can not fail to please the words, but a few net, released yesterday by the managing director of Juventus to Tuttosport:

“Zaza will become a champion.”

A position not far from unambiguous and diplomatic purposes. He could have said, Marotta, that Zaza has everything to prevail, that this rate would be destined for a great future and so on, and decided to put his face, to ensure that Zaza will no doubt be a striker of the highest level.

Difficult, this time, that we will see another Immobile case, the Juve striker sold by Toro and abroad, specifically to Borussia Dortmund. Zaza, according to official positions of Juventus, but also listening to the views collected in an informal environment, appears to be a player who in Turin are willing to bet. Remains to be seen, at this point, when Juventus will move to bring in Vinovo the talent of Metaponto. If at the end of the season, by paying the agreed 15 million, or already in January.