First “official” lecture received by Antonio Conte from the Juventus directors, especially from Marotta, who have not digested a few sentences expressed by the technician in post-match at Catania.Rumors collected in the last hours, it seems that already the return flight from Sicily has been rather busy, with the players disappointed but encouraged by the technician to be angry for the draw, and not sad and disappointed, that complacency Conte finds absolutely deleterious. 

Then, separately, Marotta explained to Conte that Juve is coming from two consecutive seventh place, many of these players are still in the team, and that was very wrong going to squeal on TV that for budgetary reasons Juve was not able to buy people like Walcott, Nani or Tevez.If Juventus is a club that is working for a return to high levels of image is not even remotely conceivable that the technical delegitimize his creation of the inability to upper stages, making players feel like second or third choices. 

Conte was sternly admonished, and subsequent days were frequent dialogues with Marotta and even Paratici. Marotta noted to Conte that if his module provides for the exclusion of too many guys just bought, and therefore has to adapt the module to available men, since the latter are of quality. 

Conte seems to have understood the gist of the message, this team needs a leader, proud of his lions, which must be processed as lions and not publicly humiliated and turned into kittens, or during the battle they will begin to pull back the leg and the end will be what we have recently seen too many times. 

 by:Marco Salviato 
 adapted by:Mike Prise