I have to sell also… not to buy, buy, buy (we are not city)

Actually, the sales began in January, but for the moment only a few have taken advantage of special offers of Beppe Marotta

In summary, the Juventus offer for this session included in strict order: Amauri, Grosso, Motta, Sorensen, Toni, Iaquinta and possibly someone who has not found a place in loan such as Pasquato

We are in the countdown, from this list from which we have deleted a few players like Amauri (finally) and Sorensen who will try to make a good experience in Bologna. 

For the last few days Marotta will try to place the others. More likely they are Motta and Pasquato particularly , while Toni, Iaquinta and Grosso entering in law of difficult cases. 

For Motta the destination Spain seems the most likely. Difficult to recover those four million spent, but at least a couple should come. 

For Pasquato, is looming the loan in the Veneto (Padova or Verona), but attentive to the Sardinian slope. Moving on to the big shots at least for the engagement, the situation is blocked. 

Grosso and Iaquinta have almost no bids. For the latter could move something in the last two trading days of mercato, but the signs are not encouraging. 

For Toni the situation is a little better, but even here the pretenders (Cagliari, Siena, Parma, not to mention the track foreign) are seeking assistance on the wage and the last word is to Marotta, then, we arrive, so to the surprise, the surprise is Milos Krasic

The player has never been officially put on the market, but the little adaptation to the modules of COnte could result in a dangerous devaluation. Hence rising the idea of loan abroad. Would be an opportunity for Krasic and for Juventus the possibility of no economic loss. 

Marotta has already put up a sign from a time, waiting for customers, do your thing, there is not time anymore. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise