Juventus have thought about what might happen if the referrals were transformed in disqualification? Do you have alternative plans for the bench and defense?
“We immediately assess the situation. We are deeply saddened by the involvement of our members in this trance of referrals. We have known them in these seasons, and both Bonucci, Pepe, and Conte and his entire staff are great example of professionalism, humanity and fairness. We are convinced of their innocence, while we show great respect for the investigators and the opinions expressed. There are no plans B, the president said and I repeat: the technical management will be entrusted to Antonio Conte, an extraordinary leader of our league. Will be certainly responsible technical area in our future, we will find the right solution with him. ”  

This last sports process is bringing out a plea bargain. Is not convenient for your enrolled?
“I will not go on its legal merits, there are more experienced lawyers on them and know how to behave. Rather we must consider that football is a social and economic phenomenon, there are rules that must be clarified. The disparity between the criminal justice / civil and sport is remarkable. After this process all needs to be reformed because it is not possible that the alleged offender can exonerate himself without evidence, it is not fitting that a leader as the coach is blamed without charges pressed against him with no concrete facts. The clubs  are companies, one can not remain anchored with rules of this kind. ” 

 Mancini defined Van Persie a top-player. Do you?
“Top-player is not only related to the cost but also means representative player paid less but of absolute value on the field. Juventus is full of examples of this type, as I said a few weeks ago. We talked about situations that improve the sport value to catch. ” 

Van Persie is an opportunity like that?
“He’s a great player to bad is of Arsenal. I repeat the same things, talking about real interest seems to me exaggerated and bold.” 

Jovetic, today was removed from the market …
It’s a legitimate stance of Fiorentina. And we have never dared to open negotiations in this regard without their good placitum.” 

Tonight comes Pogba … 
“We will do quickly a medical and then there will be the contractual definition.” 

 source: tuttojuve.com

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