By the end of this summer we noticed the ability to Beppe Marotta seeking out players around the world. The choice Vidal instead of Inler might seem risky to some but considering the contribution of Vidal did not seem at all a gamble. The same could be said Estigarribia, caught in Paraguay, which still must be evaluated but that could be a safe bet. 

During this summer, then came the brothers Pires, who are still to be discovered, while it is in full swing the Rhodolfo telenovelas, with San Paolo protagonist. Moving from Brazil to Uruguay, Juve was very close to Lugano, Uruguayan stationed in Turkey. Finally, always remaining in South America, is Peru , and here again the black and white club was close to that of the Peruvian national with its landmark Juan Manuel Vargas who spent twenty days near Turin then Florence. Besides him, his companion Farfan that before contract was renewed, was also in talks with Juve . 

Nowadays, the young Christopher Columbus returned to Peru and the object of desire would be Andy Pole, only 17 years. An attacker able to quickly be put on display at the last South American Under-17 tournament. I wonder if at the end the director of Juventus , decides to delegate to the new navigator that was recently given the role of browsing eyes and ears looking for the best talent around the world. Claudio Sclosa, in fact, has left the role of agent to become an observer of Juve, he’ll have the arduous task of bringing Christopher Columbus explored the New World in search of talent, but given the circumstances, has already an excellent base. 

 by: Massimo Pavanadapted by: Mike Prise