Marchisio+il Principino

Marotta said to Tuttosport “Everything has been clarified, Claudio is now very focused on the Confederation and seemed to me reassured.” Everything after that, in the course of the day had appeared other statements on the subject, issued by the ad Juventus to the Director of Xavier Jacobelli: “Juve have never thought of selling Marchisio. Now or ever. In September 2012, the company has extended his contract with the player until 30 June 2017, to retouching the wage. It seems to me that this is the clearest demonstration of how important it is for Marchisio to Juventus. We will only reopen if there might come a bid stratospheric and definitely out of the market. Something that until now has not occurred. “

Closure of the soap opera? It should be so. Because at this point is really makes you wonder who may have an interest in a divorce. Marotta confirms once again, Marchisio insists that he has no intention to leave, the club potentially interested have not yet been made ​​live concretely. And if they did have to show up with an offer “stratospheric”  specified Marotta, therefore at least thirty million, a price that at this time also discourages the richest clubs. This does not mean to have mathematical certainty, but it becomes really difficult to assume the sale of Marchisio if first something dramatic does not happen.