TURIN. Arsene Wenger of attackers he understands: has had and developed a Robin Van Persie champion who later left the United. Now he wants Fernando Llorente, for his Arsenal. The proposal came, as usual, by fax: 20 million. The first move of the UK clubs to deal with a player is exactly this.

It was received a few days ago: But the player is not for sale, it never was, he stays with us. There is great confidence in the boy, is reaching the top of the condition. We are very happy with him and his progress. “ This is his admission, fresh-fresh, of Beppe Marotta. Who put it in the face of the Arsenal manager.

But the Londoners were not the only ones interested. Even Real and Barcelona have made  a thought. Especially Ancelotti. Benzema is not fully convincing, Tuesday evening he ate a sensational goal, the fans continue booing and Carletto would welcome him with open arms the new bianconero.

source: tuttosport.com