Giuseppe Marotta had a long interview with the Corriere dello Sport. Many topics touched by the managing director of Juventus, from the league title to the next Champions League passing to the transfer market and Conte case, involved by Carobbio in match-betting: 

“PROUD TO HAVE CREATED A REFERENCE MODEL” – “I believed in the project, but I was expecting another year of transition: it was not skepticism, but realism, suggested by the grid of the competitors and problems of each reconstruction. Our pride is to have created a reference model. The Return of the Family at the top management had sent a strong sense of belonging, the company was set to specific skills, the coach – intuition of Andrea Agnelli – knew as no one the environment and the value of the shirt. We are delighted to have returned the nobility to a club that was going through a time of decadence. ” 

“THE DIFFERENCE REMAINS WITH THE EUROPEAN CLUBS, BETTING ON ORGANIZATION AND CULTURE” – “The clubs like City are head in Europe? In England there are the great patrons, in Germany aim on entrepreneurship and management. Lost the leadership of the Nineties, the only Italian solution is to try different models, focus on the organization and culture. This gap remains: especially in sales. Ours is less than other clubs? the stadium increases the balance sheet, brings us closer to the percentages of other countries -the provision of security and entertainment, in facilities that live beyond the game, worth revenues for reinvesting also in the market. ” 

“Will increase numerically the ROSE” – “The program, in the first place, plans to increase numerically the rose: is necessary because we will face more games. For the same reason, Conte and his team are already working on methods of training and prevention of adequate injuries. “

“CHAMPIONS LEAGUE? WE MUST TRY TO WIN IT” – Ambitions for the Champions League? We must try to win, the blazon obliges: Juve can not be limited ever to participate. Then, it depends on many things: look at Chelsea that seemed outside and has triumphed. ” 

“LOOKING FOR 2-3 ELEMENTS OF EXCELLENCE. Is ON TOP PLAYER …” – “The first objective a quality striker? We are looking for two or three elements of excellence, without losing sight of the balance of a group that has significant technical and human skills. We want to respect the economic balance: we need therefore to withdraw from our lists those who will lead both economic difficulties  price tag and level of wages. Van Persie is a candidate? (smiles) Is one of the best players available. But I am not familiar. His wage widely bits on the roof? Well, there are also the bonuses… We have already introduced an innovative contract model and we would like to increase the business risk of the players: If a company wins, it is right to involve the main protagonists. If the top player will be one of Van Persie, Suarez and Higuain? Possible. There are three interesting elements. Cavani? We must always take into account the wishes of the club. Balotelli? we never really thought of him: does not fit the profile we seek. A wide profile, embracing not only the technical skills. ” 

“DEL PIERO? JUVE DOES NOT FORGET, BUT THE STRATEGIES REQUIRES coldness” – “There is no room for Del Piero? When the company has signed the last agreement, the annuity has been consensually adopted. Juve does not forget what Del Piero has done and respects a professional who has written his story: the fact that he doesn’t continue is not dependent on certain sympathy or antipathy, the application of strategies sometimes requires coldness. ” 

“Borriello? WE HAVE A MONTH TO DECIDE” – “We have seized a market opportunity in January: we have a month to assess the redemption.” 

“GIOVINCO HAS MATURED, we will evaluate” – we have always focused on him, but had yet to establish himself as the major player he is today. Is ‘matured: we will evaluate with Parma, co-owner of the card, if we recall him or choose other paths. ” 

“Asamoah IN POLE” – “Asamoah? is one of the first names.” 

“SURPRISE VIDAL” – “Among the transfers of last summer, who surprised me the most? Vidal was already The Warrior, in fact, to sign him we struggled with Bayern, but he had an excellent performance, increasing his assessment.” 

“Vucinic? VERY SATISFIED” – “If Vucinic can give even more? An attacker is not only measured by the goal: in this Juve have scored in twenty, and he has played a valuable role for the team. We are very pleased.” 

“IN WEEK THE RENEWAL OF CONTE. Match-fixing? CONVINCED OF HIS Strangeness'” – “The renewal of Conte? The coach was and is the added value, has great merit, is the group leader and first creator of the success. Will renew with us up to 2015: ratify the agreement already this week. Match-fixing Risk? the extension is not in any way on to investigations of bets: in the contract will not even put clauses covering the hypothesis of a penalty. we are convinced of his strangeness and we think it has been instrumentalized: we know his human values​​, we want to keep up close. Conte instrumentalized to hit Juve? When you win, you arouse envy and jealousy. If Conte was on a bench in the second division, would not have been involved. ” 

“THREE STARS? WE’RE WORKING” – “Do not calm down the controversy of Calciopoli? Calciopoli was devastating for Juve. All the protagonists of those years feel their own the badges won on the field and I myself, from observer at the external time, I say that team would have won anyway. the Justice sport erased them? shall be respected, but here it opens a page full of clouds. for us, the treatment was unfair: there is an ordinary court that has established the foreign companies. If you have to expect the three stars on the jersey? We’re working on it. “

“BUFFON, LIFETIME BIANCONERO  – “A year ago, Buffon was on the verge of farewell? He never expressed a similar desire, and when he recovered from injury, very serious, has brought quality and great motivation. will conclude his career with us. ” 

“WE CAN NOT WAIT FOR KRASIC. ELIA ASSESSED EVEN FOR THE LOAN” – Krasic and Elia will leave for sure? More than of acclimation, the difficulties were a result of the module: you can be good, but not congenial to a project. Krasic is mature and we can not wait for him, for Elia we also evaluate the loan. The Serbian likes to Lazio? He was asked in January, but the conditions must be dictated by the seller. However, we have so many offers. ” 

“ITALJUVE? PROUD OF PRANDELLI’s CHOICES  – “We cut two foreigners and Prandelli chooses Juventus block? Strengthening the made in Italy is our goal, speed to the group, but this does not mean closing to foreign players: in the youth sector, we have kids from all continents. choices of ct fill us with pride. “

“SCUDETTO? IN TRIESTE I HAVE RE-READ MY LIFE” – “Feelings at the moment of the Scudetto? It ‘was a milestone not expected, extraordinary: I looked at the lawn of Trieste and reread my life, as in Nuovo Cinema Paradiso: I thought back to harsh criticism received in the previous season, when could not be understood the great work of reconstruction, and then I went back in time, until the times of Varese and my first president Olantuoni: I was twenty, the awareness of not being a great player and the vocation of the manager, gave me confidence in making me the director of the youth sector of Varese. “

“DEFENSE? We think to complement it. FOLLOW PELUSO, DEDE IS DIFFICULT. APPELT TO 1st TEAM” If we look for a defender? Our defense is among the less beaten in Europe, but we plan to integrate it. The profile, as for other roles, is a professional with strong human values​​: considering the alternating of the modules of Conte, eclecticism is the key. Peluso? Is a player that we follow. In Rio de Janeiro combine us with Dedè of Vasco da Gama? Good element but the Brazilian market has become complicated, very difficult to disentangle from high valuation and investment funds. Should move on young people Gabriel Appelt Pires, bought last year, is destined to the first team. Is not the only one? From ’96 to now, on a permanent basis, there arrived only Marchisio and De Ceglie: we want more, much more. ” 

source: Il Corriere dello Sport (by Barillà-Mita) 
adapted by: Mike Prise