Is a “full field” Beppe Marotta who speaks to “” 

It begins from Destro, and the redemption of half of the player on the part of Siena, an operation that, is thought, has been endorsed by Juve, interested of the boy: “We are not behind  Siena, I do not know of who he is of property. For Destro we are willing to consider a negotiation, but it was our intention to intrude into negotiations for Destro. with him we have not had any contact, I do not even know of who he is of property. I indeed deny that Juventus is behind to Siena. we observed from the outside. Clear that we are willing to consider a negotiation. Destro has the characteristics of the players we are looking for the model that we created last year. the profile is that of highly motivated player, with certain economic characteristics especially on the wages “. 

The discussion then moves on a deal already done, or what, after 2 years, brought back Sebastian Giovinco in Turin, to make, probably, the heir to Del Piero: “We do not want a star, but players useful to our winning model . Giovinco had to grow up again, he is now a reality. The promising youngsters have to go to gain experience in the province. We will define the details of the operation during the day with Parma. I believe that by tonight we will issue a press release. “.  

Closing, then, on the “thorny” cases related to the sale of the redundancies as excellent as Krasic and Felipe Melo. For them, clarifies Marotta, there will be no future in bianconero: “Krasic and Melo? They are players to be placed, we are confronted with some teams. “. 

source: adapted by: Mike Prise