We had admired for a long time, we had studied and knew him was a player for Juventus. Matias Ezequiel Schelotto is a ’89 and is showing his skills as a versatile right winger . A player skilled in attack and but also defensively and could be very useful for Juventus. 

First as an alternative to Lichtsteiner or complement on that side, the young has already shown his skills in the National Under-21 and confirmed first with the Cesena and then with Atalanta that is ready for the jump. We admired with prescriti and impressed us with his speed. In some play reminds us of the Gaucho Camoranesi even if the player seems more for race less technical, but we all know how to Conte the race is crucial.

 I wonder how many memories pass into the head of Marotta thinking about this possible deal with Atalanta. Two seasons of rich rewards in Bergamo, from August 2000 to May 2002. Season full of satisfaction, before moving to Genoa, Sampdoria side. Marotta with the Atalanta team has always done business, and this could be yet another blow.

 After a good summer market made ​​in our league, see Lichtsteiner, Vucinic, Pirlo and in winter Matri, Marotta, who has always talked about Juventus made ​​in Italy, may soon be taking his car in the direction of Bergamo, book a restaurant in Bergamo Alta and invite Pierpaolo Marino, one that certainly he can see. The offer is of those important from 8 to 10 million, but for a player that Moggi has called “really a champion to be bought immediately,” might seem a reasonable price.

 by:Massimo Pavanadapted by:Mike Prise