Now everything is calm! We will see what future will bring…
MILAN, February 24, 2012 – From Varese to Milan there are about 60 kilometers. In the car less than an hour. Beppe Marotta has spent a lifetime: a full life as a good manager, who was born in Varese and raised professionally and in Milan it will play the most beautiful and important game. Tomorrow Milan-Juve: win means the Scudetto. The thought, the eyes Juventus managing director are shining . 

Marotta, how does it tastes this Milan-Juve? 
“An unexpected flavor: while being optimistic, I did not imagine living a day so important. And then a sweet taste because Juve will again become the center of attention. Tomorrow the world will have their eyes on Milan-Juve: our brand is back where it should be. ” 

There will be no Ibrahimovic. Satisfied? 
“Indifferent. The Milan, unfortunately, is very strong with or without Ibrahimovic. The game remains very difficult. Fascinating, but tough. ” 

What was the turning point in the growth of Juve? 
“The first confrontation with Conte: that day we realized that he would be our ” prophet ” and could put into practice our philosophy.” 

Pirlo is your leader. When you have contacted him? 
“As soon as the regulation has allowed us to. The Milan has been very correct. Beyond his technical qualities, Andrea is key in the locker room for his charisma and his career. The question was related to his physical condition, but apart from the last year in Milan has played over 30 games in each championship. ” 

It’s more difficult to reform or re-establishing a team? 
“It ‘s hard to know where you are and if the group expresses its full potential. During the first talk with Andrea Agnelli, we discussed about a environment demotivated. A cycle was over and we had to intervene. ” 

The phrase of Agnelli on Del Piero created a problem? 
“Between Ale and Juventus, the relationship is excellent. That day, the president did nothing but talk publicly about an agreement between the parties. ” 

What is the biggest risk that runs to whom does his job? 
“The Free judgments: in football you make weekly budgets, not seasonal. I learned that when things go well, the big issue becomes small and vice versa. And there is no winning team with a weak social capital behind . ” 

In almost two years at Juventus which is the most important thing you did? “Choosing the good employees. We have completely renovated the Juventus football company: there is only one leader of the past. We changed doctors, coaches, players, warehousers, sales and marketing director. From the team of two years ago there are just five players. ” 

Against Catania has entered into field a Juventus, all Italian . It’s a philosophy?
“No, it was random. But it’s true that having to rebuild in a short time, the Italians did not have the problem of acclimatization. ” 

Are you already looking for the top player for the final quality jump? 
“Our model is a team game, but we would like to add quality. It’s difficult not only for Juve, but for all Italian clubs to approach players that cost more than 30 million gain in proportion. ” 

But a great champion in attack is a must .
“We emphasize the difficulties of our attack, not mentioning the tremendous physical and tactical work of the strikers. And then with respect to goal difference we are second behind AC Milan: means we have a good group and a balanced team. ” 

The Champions League will guarantee the income needed for a great shot? 
“Certainly we want to return to Champions to be competitive. We can not forget that it registered a lowest turnover in recent years, but thanks to the stadium we believe we can move well on the market. We will discuss with the coach to understand his needs. ” 

The current group of Juve is already paying the maximum and can still grow? “Wanting to make a comparison, we created a model of car in which the pilot is successful, ie Conte, who has sent the right mindset. We are hungry and want to continue to be. Among the objectives is the gradual insertion of four or five products of the youth sector. Since 1996 is the only Marchisio as a starter and De Ceglie in team: is not acceptable. For the next 5 years we will invest 30 million (6 million annually, ed) to recruit new talents. ” 

Who chose Conte? And who were the other coaches in dance? 
“Our management team is confronted again and again. But intuition was of Andrea Agnelli who spoke with me, Nedved and Paratici. We agreed quickly. The other candidates? The names … you have made them in the papers. ” 

You renewed the network of observers. But Juve can afford to go fishing a small champion such as, for example, Sanchez and wait for him to grow? 
“Juve are obligated to win. Udinese, who still makes very good results, can select players, develop them and sell them. Of course, we must also find champions of the future. ” 

Buffon said on TV that he sees him at Juventus for another three years. Juve what does it think? 
“Gigi is a very large champion with quality technical, physical and human. Is back the true Buffon and his desire is the same as our own. If he wants to stay for life is ok for us. “ 

That of tomorrow is the biggest game of his career? 
“Yes. My career started in the province, now I’m peaking although the difficult starts now. But for all the new Juve this challenge has a special flavor. Agnelli told the boys of the Primavera after the success in tournament at Viareggio: “I will never forget your victory, this is my first trophy.” Galliani has won everything. ” 

Juve seems serene. It’s just a feeling? 
“Our peace comes from the compactness. And now we have the conceit and arrogance to participate to win. ” If Juve loses, you would be disappointed? “I would feel bad. I’m optimistic, the team is in shape. ” 

The designation of Tagliavento is okay? 
“He is a very good referee. I have always talked about the management of the game, not the episodes. And I think that Tagliavento, remember the famous M***A-Sampdoria of the handcuff gesture of Mourinho, is a guarantee: an expert referee for a game of high level. ” 

The controversy may charge the team? 
“No, if anything, there is the risk that give an alibi.” 

Do you believe in anti-Juve conspiracies?
“No. I find however that there is the impossibility to communicate with the arbitration field. Farsopoli is a deep wound that gives room for different interpretations. The fact remains that a situation of inequity can not be erased. ” 

Is there the political weight of some clubs? 
“I hope not.” 

Are you more proud of the transfer of Pirlo or Barzagli?
“Both. It left me with great bitterness the adventure of Martinez: a good player who has felt too much the weight of Juventus jersey. Krasic does not enter within the tactical schemes of Conte. In a different context is a good player. ” 

On a possible 1-0 fo AC Milan, Juventus might think at twice favorable comparison (deciding if arrive on equal points) and “accept” the ko? 
“Knowing Conte seems to me impossible.” 

If Juventus wins at San Siro, also takes the title? 
“It would not be decisive, but it would mean be at their height.” 

And if Juve loses? 
“I do not know what to say, we are no longer used to manage the losses (Laughter, ed).” 

In the first leg “doppietta” of Marchisio, in Italian Cup “doppietta” of Caceres. Tomorrow evening, who does two goals? 
“It would be nice if they would be scored by Pirlo. Would enter into the legend of football . It would be like closing the circle. ” 

source: GdS by: Mirko Graziano e G.B. Olivero
adapted by: Mike Prise