As reported in a La Stampa article written by Max Nerozzi,  the Juve shareholders meeting becomes a question time on the transfer market for Beppe Marotta:

“The sale of Pogba – explains responding to shareholders-fans – was made especially because of the player’s desire: he wanted to live a new experience, and also to earn more.”

But the club, remembers Marotta, has made us a mountain money:

“There was a capital gain of 95 million euro to the budget.”

Although from an accounting point of view will have to make other calculations:

“For the transfer of Pogba at United, the Topscore companies, of Mino Raiola, the player’s agent, will go up to EUR 27 million.”

According to previous agreements, he explained Marotta, Raiola would have received 18 million euro if Pogba had been sold up to 95 million euro, in addition to this price, the commission for the agent could have been increased to a maximum of 9 million euro.