Giuseppe Marotta, Juventus general manager, spoke to Sky Sports on the situation of Eljero Elia, Dutch wing bought by Juventus in the summer. The young winger is not getting space in the Juve of Antonio Conte. Marotta has decided therefore to make clear to Sky in order to avoid future misunderstandings: 

“But we signed a contract with Elia of five years, means that his path will be very long at Juventus. We believe in him, we followed him a lot, then it is clear that to expect from a player who comes from abroad, from a different reality than our own, soon to expect positive results is at least unrealistic.

It’s clear that he should find his way to acclimate, certainly faster, but the difficulties that the foreigners have,  other colleagues also have, some more than others, he maybe a little more. Above all, he’s a guy who over the last 15/10 days has answered the call of his national team, for which Mr. Conte, could had a full rose and then made his decisions. I would not speak of his exclusion but for of a game to Chievo in which you need to employ the best players available. “