Beppe, you have all the necessary levers to deal with Amauri. Don’t forget at any point in time that he F***ED us good in the summer, now it’s our turn!
How much are those three million worth is something that Juventus must match up to Amauri in June? Very much, in the sense that Juventus will not minimally give in to Amauri demands, who also wants the severance pay and those three million are for Juve, but not only, an important principle. They are signs of rejection by a player who has given up in the summer as Marotta remembered long ago : 
 “Amauri has a contract of 3.8 million euros net (1.9 would be for six months) and were guaranteed 3.2 million gross between stimulation at exodus by Juventus. Marseille guaranteed 2.5 net and gave a contract for additional two years, so total of three years. Faced with this kind of situation you have to reflect, otherwise clubs are likely to remain caged. ” 

Marotta in September was caged and Amauri has spent the autumn and early winter on the couch. Now it’s up to him to choose if he wants to stay there or not. Marotta must not let go and has to stay on his positions. 

We are curious to see who will offer a contract in June more than half a million euros to this player stoped now for a year. For this reason the one who will have to give up is Amauri, who now maybe understood he was wrong to refuse Marseille. We bet he will give up something and go immediately to Florence? Otherwise we will roll up the cover of his couch … 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise