Marotta and Conte

Beppe Marotta commented the outburst of Antonio Conte, who after the draw against Galatasaray in the Champions League had complained about the lack of wingers from his team.

“With Conte the relationship is a daily one and, of course, when a coach, perhaps, a game ends and is not satisfied he has within himself the regret at not having achieved the maximum. It ‘clear that today companies must also cope with other needs, such as those of the economic and financial balance – the words of the Director General Juventus- We have started a journey that has seen, if not a revolutionary program, certainly of major developments, because if you imagine that from this pool of 26 players, there are only four players who were enrolled with us three years ago, obviously the changes were many. So go even here in search of perfection is difficult. However, Conte did well to enhance the resources that the company has provided to him and will do so, of course, also this year. “