There is a Juventus who works in the field to give her fans other successes after the one with Parma and a leadership that works hard off the pitch to give Conte the defenders who for one reason or another did not arrive in Turin by the end of August. Marotta and Paratici never stop, and after missing the summer holidays seem to be unable to enjoy even a moment of rest in September, because now they work for January. 

Marotta will have to choose the short-term goal: the central defender, left full-back, or both. On the one hand is Rhodolfo and Bruno Alves (yesterday, vote 4) or even both, and all other hand the roads lead to Kolarov (high price), whose move to Manchester City for over 19 million . From here the next fifteen games of Conte, Marotta, Paratici will identify priorities and figure out whether to invest and how to invest.If to choose an extracomunitario in the center, or on the sideline, or if there are other solutions. 

The team in the defense department is short it is clear. Sunday De Ceglie will miss and who will take his place? Chiellini or Grosso? Will be ‘interesting to see the solutions of Conte. Otherwise it will Paratici and Marotta task to remedy, the market never stops.