Marotta, but the famous top players how do you think they come?

Let’s recap for a moment the current situation.
Who are these top players so far combined to Juventus that could get here?

Aguero: negotiation almost impossible, and the player will stay in Spain, at Real , it is evident, the voice of the house just bought in Madrid, close to those of the other Real players … Also, if desired, with less than 45 million he does not move and we know that Juventus is not ever close to disburse all this money for one player;

Tevez: a more or less the same … the rift with City and Mancini seem to have patched up, also if there should be an afterthought, Juventus is certainly not the only team interested in the player and it will be difficult without the UEFA cups to beat the competition. The price is high but certainly more affordable than that for Kun ..

Ribery: another tricky situation … the player’s relationship with his club is not really good, the price is around 30 to 35 million, but even if Juve were to decide to invest in him, Ribery and his agent have repeatedly made it clear they want to play the European Cups …
 Dzeko: This famous hypothesis of the loan with the right of transfer seems unlikely … certainly compared to other players, Dzeko would be very happy to come to Juventus … but it seems also fair to ask whether the Bosnian is a real top player. In short, already passing the German to the English league its performance dropped drastically, if it were to play in Italy I do not see how it can be a valuable reinforcement …

Sanchez: The same premise of the speech of Dzeko : it is a top player? I at the end am more inclined to “yes”, but I understand that some people may think otherwise, even in this case … very difficult negotiation costs no less than 35 million, despite the concessions in negotiations with the club, we know that what really matters is the will of the player and honestly it seems most likely to go to inter, so better start getting used to the idea rather than be disappointed later …

Pastore: As I see it, are months that Zamparini, to raise the price tag, he invented deals with teams really have never occurred, but in any case costs no less than 35 million and considered adopting the tactical module of Conte, I do not believe that Juve is really interested in “el flaco”

 Benzema and Higuain: right now the possibility of transfer to Juventus are almost impossible … If real it were to get Aguero , chances are, very nearly, one of two strikers decide to get away: at this point on I do not think that Benzema will come to Juve, also because Real and the player would receive immediately concrete offers from United and Arsenal and be certain that the French certainly end up in England; over Higuain we have some more hope, his agent said he was honored of Juventus interest, for which the event (and I repeat event ) that Gonzalo will leave Real we have some hope of taking him (but please remember of what type of injury is recovering from…)

Nani: perhaps the most likely of the negotiations … high price but ultimately accessible, frayed relationship between player and club, but unfortunately I am not aware of positive statements by the his agent or the player (and remember how important the player wish is )

Mascherano: just to mention him (so to avoid further embarrassment) the ideea ended before it began

 Well guys, other top players that Juventus is eyeing on do not come into my mind and I do not think they are any left … I tried to be as objective as possible in the analysis …
 I’d like to know where Marotta hopes to buy these famous top player, what do you think?