In a long interview for Tuttosport, Antonio Marchisio talks about his son’s [Claudio Marchisio] injury and about his recovery.

“The first image that comes to my mind are the tears of my son because of severe pain in the knee when, a week after the operation, he learned that he had to go back under the knife. It was the first time I saw him cry.”

The recovery is going in the best way:

“Fingers crossed. He is fine, I see him happy to be back on the field, he exercises in a group.”

“But we need patience. It is one thing to go back with his teammates and another to return at the top. Knowing when he will be one hundred percent is a question of 10 million dollars that I can not really answer. “

“He will definitely be more mature and complete: staying out so much allowed him to follow a lot of games from another perspective, capturing aspects that maybe escape when you’re playing every three days “.