Another consistent performance from our Little Prince, Claudio Marchisio
Another consistent performance from our Little Prince, Claudio Marchisio

Claudio Marchisio spoke to the microphones of Paul Aghemo of Sky Sports. Here is the interview:

“An important Scudetto like all the rest. Every year is always difficult to repeat yourself. But this group, with the new grafts and with those who remained from the first title and the first years it was possible to build a very important group that is showing its values in these years. So by winning yet another Scudetto in advance with some rounds still to play, we can afford to be also focused on the Champions League. Every year we always find new ideas to give the maximum independently of the coach. This year I was also lucky because I still had almost no injury. So that definitely helps.
And I’ve always tried to repay the trust of the coach. This year there was more chance to play in front of the defense where I had already begun to try a bit ‘last year. Where I have always enjoyed it. This year I was able to refine my skills even more in that role. We have done a very important path this year. Because if we go anyway to review our journey in the Champions we started with defeats in both Olympiacos that the Atletico Madrid. So it was not easy again this year pass the round.
We have managed with the compactness of a group that has grown slowly coming now in this semi-final, where we demonstrated against Real we can doit playing with everyone. Now we wait for the return going there to play, definitely not wait 90 or more minutes to try to go through. We go there with our character and the way we play to point to the final. It’s been a crescendo, because the first year we did not play the Champions League, the second we managed to reach the quarter-finals and last year even though criticized in many we could almost get to play the final of Europe League in Turin.
So even there, there was however a growth path of the team to get to play big games and get to the bottom. We must not make the mistake to the return as we did in Monaco that we did not play we have been waiting for and this is not much you can do against Real Madrid. We have to play openly. Surely with the right head and try to have definitely great attention, because there are great champions. But surely we are going there to play. The Bernabeu? Well it is an important stadium with a big audience. Definitely not as hot as other stadiums but certainly beautiful to play. Last year there was another Juve have done them a great performance against Real. We know what to expect and we know what we should do. “