Marchisio, the evolution continues. In the tactic module of Conte will be transformed into a luxury midfielder

TURIN, June 18, 2011 – Sun, sea, fishing, cuddling the little David and his wife Roberta: is absolutely relaxing Claudio Marchisio summer in Costa Smeralda. The phrases with which Antonio Conte and Beppe Marotta has categorically denied its sale helped make the holidays sweeter. Now, therefore, the Juventus midfielder is just trying to recuperate after a season where he ran a lot, expanding his tactic knowledge and sacrificing a lot for the team.

The evolution. The sacrifices, however, may not be finished here. In the tactic module of Conte the wingers are not central midfielders or “mezzale” adapted to play on the sides, but real old-fashioned wingers if not real attackers disguised as wingers. So where can be placed Marchisio? At present the only valid position seems to be in center midfield next to Pirlo, in the role that Juve would entrust to Diarra. In the past, Claudio happened to play in front of the defense with the task of organizing the game. This time, however, should complete his evolution and become a luxury midfielder. the stealer of the balls, Marchisio has the ease of running and determination. In the interpretation of the role can bring a dowry of his lucidity tactic, however, will contain his famous entries without the ball that are one of his specialties. But to defend his place as a starter Claudio is willing to do anything.

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport (by G.B. Olivero) translated by Mike Prise

*What is a “mezzala”? The mezzala role is one where a player is played out to the wings, without it being his natural position, but operates in more central area. Given the formation, the mezzala may thus act – as opposed to a winger – as a seconda punta (deep-lying striker) or as an auxiliary striker* with more creative responsibilities. A high profile example of this role would be how Zinedine Zidane operated when he played for Juventus.