GENEROUS Is a breath of relief, for him, for Juve, for executives, for the fans. And for Gigi Buffon. “Marchisio gets injured and decides to go back, going back to the ground. How I saw it from the field? As a gesture of generosity. I hope it’s nothing serious. “Satisfied.

CHRONICLE Brought immediately to the clinic Fornaca, the Principino has fallen into the hands of medical specialists. The analysis showed – in particular – a little distraction right knee capsular curable in about a week. Sigh of relief, then, for Antonio Conte and the medical staff that, at first, fearing an injury more serious suspected it had a strained tendon side by hyperextension of the leg, that would cause him to a stop at least one month, putting at risk his presence in the going of the second round of the Champions League with Celtic. Luckily, a nice reset and start again. No Milan on Wednesday and probably no Parma on Sunday. Not much compared to the first, alarming rumors that had spread.

Source: Tuttosport (article by ERBI-Salvetti)