It all began on Friday, May 3, two days before winning the league, when they arrive the statements of Claudio Marchisio. The attention of many people, including journalists and fans, is mainly devoted to the words spoken about a possible return of Ibrahimovic, while Juventus midfielder also spoke of his future: “These rumors also fill me with pride, it’s good to get the interest from other teams, as I have them every year since I’ve been at Juventus. There have always been rumors of my departure, but I have a long contract with Juventus and I hope to finish it and also to renew. Then it is normal, as I have always said that in football anything is safe, but the idea is definitely the one of my stay. ” So: clear desire, unambiguous of a stay at Juventus and the desire for a renewal of the contract. The current agreement that binds Marchisio and Juventus was signed in 2011 and ends in 2016 with a net salary of 3 million per season.

Won the championship, start of the transfer market. Began to circulate rumors, one of which concerns precisely Marchisio, requested by Monaco ready to offer 30 million. It is June 1, when it comes to the statement of Beppe Marotta: “Marchisio unsellable? We have always said, the player has the Juventus DNA and then counts only his will, from our part there is no intention to sell him. You have to know that we from Juventus are not sellers, then Marchisio stays where he is for now.” So: for a Juventus player of the caliber of the number 8 is not on the market, unless he wanted to. Note: in Turin do not want to sell their most important players, the situation changes if one of these is to ask for the sale. As a matter of fact, almost a truism.

We come finally to the statements on Thursday 13th June of the same Marchisio: “Precarious to Juve? The newspapers say. I have not heard nor Juve, nor other offers. When I speak with Juventus I will understand if Marchisio is still an important player for Juventus. Otherwise it will be normal to look at other teams. It was said that my will is decisive, but things are made in two. The possible offers illustrious Manchester United and Monaco pride in me, but no one has called me. Now I think the Confederations, then I’ll understand what’s true and what’s not. “

At this point, the finding is simple: Juventus does not want to sell their most representative players unless they are to want to go away, Marchisio wants to stay at Juventus. So what? Judging by statements – known to both parties – the two willingness coincide and emit an unequivocal verdict: Marchisio remains at Juventus. Yet, they have to speak.

In the background, meanwhile, remains the question of renewing the contract. Is this the real knot? Sure that the explosion of Pogba does not have a certain weight in everything?

source: tuttojuve