From Beijing bounce the words of Claudio Marchisio, protagonist of today’s press conference in Juventus withdrawal, three days before the great challenge of Super Cup against Napoli. The Torino midfielder – anticipates Sky Sports – spoke about the situation of Antonio Conte, underlining the ability and the strength of the team to focus on the event. 

“It ‘s obvious that he is not calm for all that is happening, but he is an example for us because in the field does not reveal anything, as always yells at us, working as always, gives us the usual charge. So for us he must be a great example of how we should focus exclusively on the job. ” 
Claudio has also ruled out being able to wear the jersey number 10 that was of Alessandro Del Piero: “Obviously Del Piero is missing a lot. I, however, the number 10 shirt of Del Piero would not wear it ever because it could be a dream when I was a kid, when I was doing the attacker, but now I do the midfielder and I am neither Platini,, nor Baggio, nor Del Piero, not one that solves the games with a shot, so I do not deserve to ever wear this shirt. ” 


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