May 31, 1998: Marchisio as a child scores a great goal to M***A

TURIN, December 6, 2011 – As a good father, Mr. Stefano Marchisio was the only one who foresaw it all: “To Claudio I said, this summer: you have at least ten goals in your legs. And he did not believe it: ‘But imagine… ‘” Sunday arrived at six, in twelve matches: ” Just before Cesena I had sent a message to remind the bet. That would have done at least ten goals. “ Not bragging, the most affectionate confidence, if at home they always kept his feet bolted to the ground. By wearing the shirt of Juve already from seven years, could be easy to mount the head: “Baby, eye to the tare, my grandfather always told me – continues Stefano Marchisio – and who knows how many times I repeated it to Claudio. It means that many times the tare weight of things is much more than the net weight: I understood afterwards, in this modern age where there is a lot of facade and little substance.The other truth is that it is also a matter of luck, being in the right place, and that things can always change. ” 

 But if you mix talent and hard work, the potion can actually do magic . Take that left-footed goal at Cesena: has prepared 21 years ago. “Even as an amateur, I played just my right. So the first thing taught to Claudio, who was four years old, was to kick with both feet: I had to pass the ball turning around, just that I did run in both directions, so it was forced to use his left.” Never mind if the first academy did not work: “To Cambiano, where we lived: they did play dodgeball. We went away. “

The front door was the Sisport: “I enrolled him there, because at seven years had a little confused ideas: he loved football, skiing, athletics, and in the middle distance was huge.” If the ball went out to him: “Three training sessions and observers of Juve, they took him.” From there, life unfolds between pitches in the suburbs, car trips, sacrifices. With few illusions: “In serie A there were about 150 Italian players – I said – ten years, more or less: make not even a region.” The fate veered with Lippi and Capello: “They began to call for training of the first team, at sixteen.” Crossroads: “With Claudio we had insisted on the study, so he enlisted the institute for surveyors. But the training were in the morning: we decided to groped with the ball. “ 

This does not mean forgetting the books forever, “Will have time later, I hope. He has studied English by himself, I see him on TV when he speaks with the referees in international games. He’s doing well. Moreover, I also had to start work early, then I took diploma at evening classes, and I almost got a degree in Political Science, working. Three tests: my wife, Anna, still scolds me.” From how bites the games, a little character must have inherited: “He’s a contrarian, and stubborn, like me.” Clues were sprung earlier: “At thirteen, in Viareggio, departed from our three quarters, jumped two players, one-two with De Ceglie, two dribbles, and goal. The entire audience of Fiorentina to applaud . ” 

Stefano less frantic: “The ultras of the family is the mother.” Although once dad got well angry: “He was about eight years and a coach was shouting to break legs. I said: ‘Before you teach your children to play football!'” The goal was the craft up from fifteen years: “He played striker, or number ten. Were Gentile and to make him a midfielder: he was told he could not exceed half of the field. At first he was not pleased. But then it was, a lot. “ Was missing only the debut in the arena: “At first I was afraid of San Siro or Naples the impact with the public, but I saw him cold. Perhaps he had the luck of wearing the shirt of Juventus from childhood. You know how many insults he got?” Perfect history, he was not from the place of birth : “I have to laugh, because everywhere it says that Claudio was born in Chieri, even on Wikipedia. Instead of Turin at St. Anna.” 

 source: La Stampa by: Massimiliano Nerozzi 
adapted by: Mike Prise