Claudio Marchisio is the man of the moment in Juventus home, as demonstrated by the media interest in him. After releasing the lengthy interview to “La Gazzetta dello Sport,” the Juventus Prince has also granted to Sky Sports. fully transcribed the words of Torino midfielder, collected by my colleague Paul Aghemo:

 Claudio Marchisio, many compliments for this Juventus. Many are beginning to talk about a Juventus most favored for the title. This gives you a little discomfort?
 “No, I think, because we do enjoy the compliments. This team is very good to take them, but already the next day thinking about the next game. This means that is always very focused on their own path in their games, and in fact we already focused for Saturday’s game against Lazio. ” 

 It’s a clash at the top, you’re both in the head, but you have a game in hand. But the word scudetto can be said? 
“We can not say, however, because so much is missing, but for everyone, however, because there are so many games before, many have so many cup matches, so many things can happen. We know we have these two games not at all easy, two away games but we are aware of our strength and the fact we’re okay. we’re going to play them both. ” 

 Klose against Marchisio duel between bombers. There is? 
“No, Klose against Matri, he is our bomber and is doing very well. It was also seen in the last rounds, as I said, I thanked him for the wonderful pretend he has done for my final goal, so it is right that they are the two bombers. ” 

 One can have the impression that Juve run much more than the opponents. Is this impression correct? Is one of your strengths? 
“We made a very important physical training this summer, we’re still doing. We are lucky not to have the cups, then surely we can work more during the week to put petrol in the legs. But beyond the work, the most important thing we need is the willingness of all players, even those who do not play. This is very important. We are going in the same direction, with the same objective and then you see the results on the pitch. ” 

 Lazio is a team for championship? What team is?
 “It’s a very important team, that has done well in recent seasons and this year, with very important transfers as Klose and Cisse, but also Hernanes, great player. We know going to Rome to play with a team very important, very strong physically, so we have to be careful. ” 

 source: tuttojuve.comadapted by: Mike Prise