Well…basically I am like this..I change my mind a lot… 

A dramatic turn of events after another. Welcome in the last 48 hours of the Italian market. Never seen – at least on my part – a player who takes a plane (paid by the company “buying”) to go to sign his new contract and instead stops along the way, reflects, evaluates and practically accepts the offer of another club and then three hours later to go to another. Berbatov did so. Already in his life at the time of signature, he had already done it double pike. The triple pike not.

Dimitar, practically convinced by Fiorentina, embarked this morning at the airport in Manchester towards Florence. Technical stop in Munchen of Bavaria. Ticket paid by Della Valle for two. At Peretola, Florence airport, were waiting for him: Fans and managers. Has never arrived. On German soil has received several calls from intermediaries, who have proposed the opportunity Juve. He then decided to wait and see. And waiting for Juve to submit its bid, has also remembered to be courted by Fulham. He says no to Fiorentina, Juventus officially enters, finds the agreement with Manchester and waits for the yes of Dimitar. That comes: in principle comes.

Too bad that as long as you do not sign with him, Berbatov has a tendency to change his minds. And he still does. Martin Jol calls him, his former coach, now at Fulham. And he is convinced again. So neither Juventus nor Fiorentina. Back in England. And when you think that this reconstruction (slightly fictionalized) everything has happened in the airport. And if I were a fan of Fulham, until I see him in there, I would not believe it … 

And now? Now the duel Juventus-Fiorentina (full of clutches, just read the press purple) continues. Pradè wants a important. striker With B.,  Borriello, Babel and Bendtner. On which there is Juventus. Take a look … The next few hours will still be hot. Very Hot. And as always around the attackers. 

source: tuttojuve.com

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