Marcello-Lippi_G1.jpg Marcello Lippi, former coach of Juventus, club led from 1994 to 1999, and then from 2001 to 2004, said in an interview with “Sky”, on market rumors that would like Paul Pogba midfielder born in 1993 of the French national, far from Turin after this season: “When I returned to Juventus president Agnelli told me he had to give me bad news. ‘We have to sell Zidane’. There I was hurt, but he told me that they gave us 150 billion and that they would have spent it all to buy great players. They took Buffon, Nedved and Thuram. We rebuilt the team and we continued to win. If Juventus were to deprive themselves of Pogba will surely be a great sacrifice, but would receive a lot of money with which they could buy 3-4 great players and remain competitive “