The editors of, interviewed exclusively Marcello Lippi, whom with Juventus won everything and who to the microphones of Massimo Pavan spoke of the game that will see today Juventus protagonist against Real Madrid.

What type of game expects from Juventus?
Well, I expect a game with great conviction and confidence which there is in the environment, awareness of one’s means, much realism related to awareness of the strength of the opponent, but also great confidence in their chances, Juventus will have to defend very well against these great champions, I mean as compact as a team, do not just mean on defense, everyone will know how to defend with the knowledge that you have the necessary weapons to create situations important, because all the big teams grant something to the opponent. This takes great compactness in defending and great skill in exploiting the opportunity that certainly there will be. I expect this kind of game.

You were protagonist among others of a beautiful semi-final with a 3-1 win that we all remember, if you were to say two words before the start of the game to his players.
The words I do not remember, I remember a particular, in the two days leading up to the game, we had prepared a few things to limit Zidane and create him a cage, but by training and preparing those things I had realized that we would have distorted a little, so the morning of the game I told the team to forget all about what was said in those days, to play the game as we always did, trying to make the most of our features without thinking about the opponents, I told them this.

Juventus won the league these days, it can be an advantage?
It will not be an advantage as much for today evening, but for the next game, with Real now Saturday’s match does not count, but before going to Madrid, Allegri can rest all those for whom it will be necessary, no more thinking of the championship.

Do you think this was also a problem in the past that there may not be this year, winning the championship close to the end?
Close to the finals it is, we were left with the championship at stake up to 5-6 days before the finals and the others have had a month, a month and a half to prepare for that game, it is clear that it was a disadvantage.

Tevez can be compared today as leadership to Vialli or Del Piero …
No, I would not do such comparisons to fifteen years apart, Tevez is a leader, but not the only in Juventus, there are many others.

Juventus in brief can do it …
Yes, I think Juventus can do it, it is clear that should not commit any mistake, must give 150% and psychologically must remember that some of these players have already managed to eliminate Real Madrid in the semifinals and was not a poor Real Madrid but of great champions such as now.