The blow in the attack finally scored: this is the first bang of the Juventus market 2013, although will wear the new shirt only in a few months. Taken, after a long courtship, the striker Fernando Llorente (28): It took months of haggling, war of nerves, negotiations and failed attempts to convince the Athletic Bilbao to sell him in advance, but in the end, El Rey Leon will be a new player of Juventus, starting next June. The Spanish striker has tied with the Bianconeri colors, revealed as the Spanish newspaper Marca.

The leadership of the Old Lady dipped in advance of the competition, seeing the greedy deal before the other: for months, in fact, had frequent contacts with the entourage of the boy born in Pamplona for him to accept the destination Juventus, once it is that his adventure to the white and red club would end with the maturity date of the relationship with the complicity of Jose Urrutia which, therefore, does not derive even a penny, a pesota or euro from the start of one of the most talented of his team .

Everything was so successful: according to Spanish media the official announcement arrive in the coming days. Fernando Llorente will sign a contract for a period of four years, until 2017 then, and earn a gig income of 4.5 millions of euro per season. Today one of his agents will be in Turin to define the latest details: then, Juventus officially announce his prestigious new purchase even already this weekend or, later, at the beginning of the next.

Llorente at Juve, done deal!

source: tuttojuve.com