We are still the First… and also thanks to us the defensive department
The standing speaks for itself and sometimes the numbers can be more explanatory than many words. The ranking says twelve goals conceded in eighteen games, one short Udinese of miracles and in less than five of phenomena Thiago Silva and Nesta. Nine less than the tight defense of M***A. The defense of Juventus at the time it works and this is due to many factors. 

Buffon returned to being the absolute number one after the injury with parades in his style, or out of the ordinary, as super champion, as he himself confirmed yesterday: “The defense goes well, it is true, but this is thanks to the work of the whole team with the pressing and the filter makes that in parts arrive dirty balls and easily controllable. ” 

A defense then back, hopefully, on the levels of the couple Cannavaro-Thuram or if you prefer of Montero-Ferrara. Good times and good memories and it is merit of all. 

Barzagli has become the real Juventus wall and now moves on very high levels. Chiellini on the left sacrifices but gives safety for all. Bonucci, suffered much criticism, many perhaps unjustified, others less, but always gives his contribution and the numbers give reason to Conte realize that puts him more and often as central defender. 

Finally, the Swiss Guard, Stephan Lichtsteiner, who yesterday confirmed the solidity of the group: “It’s definitely a strength of our team, however is not only the defense, are all togetherr … back we work well in defense phase.” 

The strength is shown by these small things … Juventus seem to have found that cohesion which is the basis of everything and all large clubs. The championships are won in defense we’ve said … iron touch. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise