The brazilian Lucio gave an interview to La Stampa in which he talks between other about the rivalry Juve-Inter. Touched in the right ankle yesterday, it will not be present tonight against Parma, but he will watch his teammates from the stands.

Rivalry Juve-Inter: “Inter is the biggest rival and I did not expect it. On the other side, I did not have that feeling. I thought that the the hottest match was Inter- Milan. But after the first day here, everything was clear. “

About scudetti and Farsopoli: “I am a professional and today I wear the jersey of Juventus, I am with the Bianconeri. It is not for me to say it, I was not even in Italy at that time. I only say that I am Juventino and I behave as such. I experienced fantastic years but the situation has become difficult at Inter. It is not in my character to argue or cause problems, I sought an alternative solution and Juve is perfect. “

He is not worried about Conte: “We know the situation and we are already working during training. Conte gives us instructions to apply during the game. We do not yet know whether this is the definitive situation, we do not think about it. We did not even talk between us. We wait. “

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